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Berlin, Germany

I met up with friends in Berlin and that was by far the best part. We shared stories, stayed up late, danced until our feet hurt, we laughed, we talked, we ate ice cream. It was so fun! Catching up with friends you haven't seen in a while in and of itself is a lovely experience. I love having friends all around the world.

One day when we were walking at a park, I saw this guy flying a kite and I asked him if I could fly it. We ended up talking and flying his kite for over an hour. He was so cool and makes kites in his free time. He is wanting to start a workshop for kids to teach the how to fly a kite. Who would have thought I would be flying kites in Berlin with strangers?

As a city, Berlin was interesting. There was a heavy vibe with all of the history that resides there, but there was also a definite rebel vibe. There is art and history, but also a movement to the city.

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