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Budapest, Hungary

Everyone has been raving about Budapest and how great it is, but my first impression wasn't that wonderful. Although I was being a bit of a skeptic, I started my exploring and soon met these two older ladies who needed directions. We ended up spending most of the day together and they were so kind. I was very happy to have met them. From there, I went to the famous baths. Again, I was in skeptic mode (my bad). I felt like the pools were gross and I wasn't convinced I wanted to be there. Then I discovered the sauna, and my whole attitude changed! Once I got over my initial doubts, I loved it! It was fun and refreshing.

In the evening, I went to this outdoor bar that had been recommended to me and I met a guy who was in the first night of his own solo trip. He was Australian, so we discussed my time in Australia as well as my experience travelling alone. He was very friendly and he asked great questions. We got a bottle of wine and walked around talking for the evening. Again, I learned how many interesting people you can meet if you just stay open.

I finished off my time in Budapest with a lovely morning in a cafe enjoying good coffee.

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