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Venice, Foligno, Rome, Amalfi Coast

We got lost in Venice and wondered around the city for over an hour. If you haven't been to Venice, there are a lot of stairs there. Isabella had a rolling bag, so she and I struggled to get her bags over all the stairs while Jack and Carla tried to find our accommodation. We ate pizzas by the canals, and enjoyed amazing, cheap cocktails.

In Rome, everything was under construction, including the Trevi Fountain. But, we made the best of it by trying all the gelatos.

Speaking of Trevi, we tried to go to the town of Trevi. To start, we all overslept and full on sprinted to the train station while Carla was having an asthma attack, only to arrive just on time. We were sitting on the train, completely out of breathe and barely awake, only to realise we were on the wrong train. By the time we finally found the correct train and made it to Trevi, the city was nowhere to be found. We had thought that it was right next to the station but alas it wasn't. We were walking, trying to find the city, when we crossed paths with a man who was walking down a hill. He had hiking staffs and was out of breathe. When we asked him if Trevi was up that hill he replied "Very long, very hard." By this point we were so down with Isabella (who is the one who wanted to go to Trevi in the first place), but we climbed the hill, explored Trevi and enjoyed our lunch with a view.

Positano is one of my favorite cities I've been to. I'll never forget how bright the orange umbrellas looked or how small the city made me feel. I was so overwhelmed by the verse that says we are a city set on a hill - Positano really out that in perspective for me.

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