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Munich, Germany

I ended up in Munich simply because it was the only city where I could find an affordable flight home from. I only had one day here, and as it was my last stop on my trip, I spent a lot of time reflecting on the previous three months. This trip had been better than I ever could have imagined! All the people I met, the things I got to experience, the connections made, and the goals met. The train rides, the miles walked, the mountains climbed, the hostels slept in, the planes flown, and the carrying my luggage on my back had changed me in someway. I think I learned more everyday what we are capable of if we set our mind to it. Finding my way in foreign countries, unfamiliar currencies, and exotic languages had added something to me. Not to mention, making friends out of strangers is truly what makes the memories more special. It had been an incredible time and was certainly bittersweet as it came to a close.

To deal with the emotions of this adventure ending, I ate my weight enjoying German cuisine! I I enjoyed brats, pretzels, and sauerkraut. I drank beer, saw a German protest, and took a nap in the park. One of my favorite things that I stumbled on was an older gentleman dancing in a gazebo to a musician who was performing. I think the crowd originally formed to listen to the music, but then the gentleman was so moved by the music, he just couldn't sit still and added to the show. It was a pretty awesome thing to watch! (see photos below)

I really enjoyed Munich, which was a pleasant surprise considering it wasn't particularly a destination I wanted to go to, I was really there for my flight. But I really did love it in the end. It was a lovely finish to what was an unbelievable journey.

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