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New York & San Francisco

As I was traveling in Europe and Australia, I was always meeting people who would talk to me about their favourite places in the US, and New York was one of them. I got tired of foreigners knowing my country better than I did, so while I was home for Christmas from Australia, I booked a flight to NYC. At first I was planing to go by myself but when I told my Mom I'd booked a flight, she said she wanted to go as well. So we sent off to discover New York together!

We saw the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, took the subway, explored Brooklyn, and ate the best bagel of my life! We had incredible food, were overwhelmed at how large central park is, and fell in love with the city.

It was cold and snowy, but absolutely perfect. Definitely worth the hype.

Then on my flight back to Australia, I had a layover in San Francisco. As I had never been there, I asked my friend Heather if she'd like to join me because she's always down for an adventure. She booked her flights and we were off! We hit the ground running since we didn't have much time. We shopped in the coolest thrift shops, found restaurants with patios to soak up the sun, and took in the sights from the golden gate.

I'm so blessed to have friends and family who are willing to join me on my crazy ideas and travel impulses. Two new cities added to my list of places I love.

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