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New Zealand

While I was living in Australia, I knew I had to take a trip to explore the majesty that is New Zealand. I planned a trip with a friend that I ended up having to back out of (I'm sorry Vic!) and my time in OZ was coming to a close. So I finally bit the bullet and bought the ticket. I tried to get a few friends to join but no one could work the dates I was going, so it was just going to be me. My first solo trip! I was pretty nervous to tell you the truth. I booked a camper van and started planning my journey. I decided I wanted to really take the time to pray about the season I was going into and to reflect on my time in Australia, which let me to decided to try to not talk to anyone during my trip.

Two weeks of solitude and nature. What a journey. I knew I wanted to hike and try new things with photography. I remember being absolutely awe-inspired when I first saw the mountains. Then, I couldn't stop gawking at the colour of the water. I was overwhelmed by how many stars you could see during the night.

New Zealand is my top recommendation for those who love the outdoors. The mountains were absolutely incredible. The beach was only a few hours away. The cities didn't disappoint either. Everyone told me to not bother with Christchurch, but honestly it remains one of my favorite places I've been. The way they used art to instill hope after such devastation inspired me. I ate good food and savored delicious coffee.

A few months after my trip to NZ, I walked into a difficult season of my life. But when things became difficult, I reminded myself of this road trip. I reminded myself that I'm capable of doing things I didn't know I was capable of. I challenged myself and overcame. I climbed literal mountains, but I also climbed emotional mountains. A very special trip for me for sure. It was nothing short of amazing.

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