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Paris, France

I started my three month trip abroad by flying into Paris. I was only there two nights, so I took it easy and just soaked up all of the beauty of the city. Honestly, that first night of my trip, I wondered if I'd made a big mistake. I wondered why I'd decided to go abroad for three months alone. "What were you thinking?" I thought. But that first night, I wrote something that ended up being my anthem for my trip: "Embrace discomfort. Lean into the loneliness." I said those words to myself every time I felt alone or things got hard during my trip. Following it, I wrote, "If you do, you will discover new things about yourself and life. You've got this and God's got you." Little did I know at that time, how true those words were. Paris was the perfect start to this adventure.

After a few months of being in Lyon, I started thinking that maybe Lyon had become my favorite French city. Then I took a trip to Paris for the weekend to meet up with some friends, and I was reunited with the magic of the city. She's just so beautiful. Around every corner, I am overwhelmed by the beauty, charm and history of this city. She'll always have a special place in my heart. Enjoy the sights of the city I saw as I was exploring on my own and with friends.



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