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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, oh dear Prague. I had heard amazing things about this city, so my expectations were high when I arrived. From the very first moment, I loved it. The history, the vibrancy, the architecture, the life of the city, the food, all of it had me in love. Just when I felt that I had explored the city, there was more to be discovered. I played games at an arcade bar. I explored the castle on the hill. I met a guy at my hostel and we went bowling at 12pm on a Friday. I also made friends with two French guys and we had great discussion and went to listen to jazz one night. I met an American man and his daughter who were the epitome of what not to be as a traveler, but they bought me a pilsner and we enjoyed a chatting while waiting for a table at a scrumptious restaurant. I really appreciated being a solo traveler in Prague. I wrote this in my journal " traveling alone has been really beautiful because I have had the chance to meet so many different people and share experiences together." I was willing to do things I wouldn't normally do (like go to a restaurant alone). Prague was a major highlight for me in my trip, no doubt.

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