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Geneva, Interlaken, Lucerne, Zurich

The majority of my trip in Europe was spent in cities, but I knew I wanted some time in nature as well, which is why Switzerland got added to my list. However, to tell you the truth, I was a little nervous before arriving. I was nervous because when I told anyone I was spending a week in Switerzland, they would freak out and say, "Do you know how expensive it is?!" To which I would reply, "Uhhhhhh no?" It was the last country I was going to, so I was just hoping I would be able to afford it with my remaining budget. It didn't take me long to determine it was indeed, very, very expensive. It was also though, very, very beautiful! It was unbelievable how incredible it was!

I spent my first days in Geneva. I actually changed my travel plans to be Geneva because I found out some French friends of mine would be there at the exact same time. So I passed the day with them on the French side of the lake. I just kept saying how overwhelmed I was by the beauty of it all. After my friends left, my remaining day in Geneva I spent with my airbnb host, Jeremy. We really hit it off and had spent most of the day just talking at the airbnb when we decided to venture into town to get some food. Afterwards he acted tour guide for the afternoon and showed me the city. Making friends while traveling is one of my favorite things about traveling.

The next night I stayed in Nyon. I watched the sun set while I sat next to the lake and then a full moon rose over the mountain tops. It was so beautiful, I legitimately cried.

Interlaken especially was absolutely beautiful. I hiked mountains and swam in crystal clear lakes (one of which was tucked away on a mountain, so that was cool) and strolled along flowing streams. The colours were amazing! It was so green and blue.

Switzerland was dreamy and definitely a country I recommend visiting!

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